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Successful start in 2019 with Dr. Ing. Sevecke and the HECAS fireplace evening

HECAS and the Engineering Community are starting well into 2019 with the HECAS fireplace evening on the 23 Jan 2019 in the Hafen-Klub Hamburg

The evening was opened by two lectures; first by a keynote by State Councilor Torsten Sevecke on the topics of Brexit and the impact of the Excellency Initiative of the Hamburg […]

HECAS Fireplace Events to be continued in 2019

HECAS Fireplace Events? – Established!
Having an event for the third time ever does not necessarily mean to have a long history on this, however the attentiveness gatherd so far is clearly indicating a well accepted concept.
Therefore the HECAS e.V., the association of the Engineering and Consulting companies in the north of Germany, once again invited […]

HECAS is starting 2018 with a fireplace evening

The HECAS is starting 2018 with a new initiative: with a fireplace evening

For this HECAS invited the leader from Engineering Service companies in the Hamburg/North German region into the “Turmbar” located just beside the Moorweide. The objective is to facilitate an Exchange between the different companies und to let the North German communities move closer […]

HECAS is looking for board assistance

In order to secure the activities of the board the HECAS is looking for an assistant for 10 h/month.

Please send your application to: info@hecas-ev.de

HECAS boosts activities of i t s IT working group

The focus of the working group is on cooperation between the member companies on information security and data linkage to the OEMs. It aims to create synergetic effects through a concentrated exchange between the providers of engineering services to the aerospace industry, with the aim of keeping costs for compliance with communication regulations as low […]

HECAS is electing ARTS Solutions to be a member of the association

During the meeting in February the HECAS e.V. have granted the application of ARTS Solutions to be a continuous member of the association.

The Arts group is an active contributor with 3 divisions for the Aeronautical and Space industry and is supporting their diverse clients at several locations and is a respected partner of their clients.

The […]